1-Day Pistol Course: May 12, 2017

I attended the John McPhee SOB Tactical 1-Day Pistol Course on 05/12/17 in Uniontown, PA.  My brief background for pistol shooting: LEO since 1995.  I have used a variety of issued duty handguns during my career (Beretta 92FS, 96D, Glocks, and Sig DA/SA).  I have competed in IDPA and USPSA-Style competitions.  I have completed in-service and out-of-service training during my career.  All out-of-service was at my expense.  I have trained pistol and carbine with Vickers, Defoor, McNamara, Proctor, and Northern Red.  I also trained pistol with Todd Jarrett.  I have learned from all of the above trainers, more than my LEO training with 3 Departments and 2 Academies.

    John McPhee was also of high quality.  This class consisted of only 7 students.  His method of coaching was 100% beneficial.  His video analysis of my skills was absolutely critical with helping me immediately improve.  He reinforced my pistol fundamentals and removed some bad training scars.  John taught us a new way of analyzing our targets to self-correct our fundamentals.  Trust me, the pistol “Pie Chart” is wrong.  Take the class and you will have a better understanding immediately.  He will send you your videos so you can continue to practice correctly at home.  Due to the class size and pace, you will receive one on one training with John as you learn.  You will also learn as you review your fellow classmates’ videos.

   During breaks in class, John is willing to discuss his view points based on his experience.  If you are LEO, Mil, or a citizen focused on defense, you will benefit if you pay attention.  If you are solely a competition shooter, you will also improve as well.  If you are a new pistol shooter, take this class FIRST.  It will save you years of trial and error, time and money.  If you are an experienced  shooter, take this class and you will learn to train more efficiently.

   Thank you John,  our host, Matt, and our fellow students for a safe and excellent training opportunity.


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