2-Day Pistol Course 2016

2-Day Pistol Course Chino, CA January 23-24, 2016


Mix of students: There were about 11 students in the class and skill/experience levels ran the gamut from novice to advanced. At least two could be categorized as novices, two LEOs where in attendance, including an OC Sheriff’s SWAT member who displayed exceptional shooting skills (both LEOs were solid, but the SWAT deputy really burned it down). Also attending was SureFire’s Barry Dueck, an IPSC Grandmaster and six-time winner of the MGM Ironman 3-gun competition, and two gun writers, both accomplished pistol shooters and precision rifle competitors, one of whom was also a former Green Beret.

Instructor: John McPhee is a former Army Special Operations Commando (rumor has it that the term “going commando” was actually created because of him) who has amassed a huge amount of experience training both U.S. and indigenous personnel, as well as years of operational experience (gunfighting, doing bad things to bad people, etc) in many of the world’s hotspots. In addition to his military experience, John has trained and competed with a number of champion competitors on a regular basis. During his military career John earned the moniker “The Sheriff of Baghdad” and the nickname “Shrek”. I can verify that he does indeed resemble his animated namesake.

John is an excellent instructor and I would go so far as to say that he’s a master. In a nutshell, this was the single best diagnostic training I have had out of more than 30 schools.

What I understood about the class before I went was that John takes a video of you and tells you what you are doing wrong and how to improve it. That is true, but also a gross oversimplification of the process.

The class starts off with John videoing every student individually performing a simple shooting drill. That first drill on video only takes four rounds…which is all he needs to work with. The class then watches a flat screen monitor as John uses a very robust coaching app (Coach’s Eye) to break down and analyze every aspect of your draw, presentation, grip, recoil control, accuracy, and reload…in slow motion, with exact timelines for each segment.

The app allows him to draw lines on your video to show inefficiencies and movements you were unaware of. Yellow lines show inefficient movement, green lines indicate what you should strive for. The video is shot whole body, but he zooms in to individual parts as needed. If you look over the sights but were unaware, you’ll see it on video. If you have micro movement up or down at the end of your presentation, you’ll see it on video. If you think you are John Wayne but are actually Pee Wee Herman, you’ll see it on video.

John then gives you very specific coaching to address what was observed on video. The video diagnosis is effective and unique enough to make the class worthwhile in and of itself…but that’s just half of the story. The other half is that John is an excellent coach…he has that knack for spotting exactly what each individual’s issues are and knowing what to do to correct them. Combine the video with John’s coaching expertise and you have a recipe for rapid improvement.

That takes up the first part of the day, the second half of Day One is spent doing different drills that allow you to begin the process of applying what you’ve seen and learned in the morning’s video.

Day Two involves another series of drills, one of which is videotaped and then debriefed as was done the day before. The difference is that now both Day One and Day Two videos are shown split-screen (side-by-side) so you can compare your progress from the first diagnosis. Significant improvements were obvious for all shooters. During the debriefs John provides verbal commentary which is recorded and edited into the video. The videos are sent to you after the class complete with annotations and voiceover. John’s parting comment was, “Now you have enough to work on until I come back next year.” And I certainly do.

I strongly recommend John McPhee’s training. Had I received this training to start with, I would be a better shooter and I would have spent a lot less time and ammunition to get there.

John also offers a one-day class for $500, the difference is that he holds class size to no more than five students, so you are essentially getting the same training as the two-day class.

If you can’t make it to his class he also offers Gunfighter University–a service that let’s you send him videos that he will mark up and provide audio commentary for, just as he does in his group classes. Cost is about $50 and I’m willing to bet it’s the best $50 you could spend to improve your shooting skills: http://sobtactical.com/gunfighter-u.html

Every student in the class showed marked improvement from Day One to Day Two…including a former Special Forces operator, an IPSC Grandmaster and 3-gun Champion, and a SWAT operator…and all left with concrete knowledge of what and how to practice to achieve even greater efficiency and accuracy.

I have nothing negative to say about this class, it was all Win.


Pulled, with permission, from: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?p=17578683#post17578683


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