2-Day Pistol Course 2016

Chino, CA 2-Day Pistol Course January 23-24, 2016

My wife and I attended the 2 day pistol course with John McPhee. I had previously heard from friends he could make me a better shooter in one day. When I discovered he was coming to train near us, we signed up. After attending the first day I was blown away with how much both my wife and I had improved. By the second day we continued to improve and refine what we learned the first day. The way John teaches is down to earth and humble but he is able to correctly address errors a shooter makes within seconds. He breaks each movement down, provides positive feedback and offers a solution. This class with John was by far the most instructional and technical course we have ever taken. Keeping and open mind and following Johns instructions has made both my wife and I significantly better shooters. Errors we were unaware, especially ones we have been making for years, have been identified and corrected.  I would recommend this course for any person of any skill. We will absolutely be training with John again. No one is perfect but John can make you dang close! 


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