2-Day Pistol Course AAR

Chino, CA January 23-24, 2016: 2-Day Pistol


My son, my daughter in law and myself had a great time with John  and our classmates at the Jan. 23 and 24 pistol class in Chino Hills Calif. A Good bunch everyone, thank you for your patience.
I had heard about and watched several videos on what to expect at the class but was not sure how with a video of  just 1 draw stroke, 2 shots a reload and 2 more shots could relay enough information so that significant improvement could be accomplished.
I will tell you that with the Coaches Eye technology and John’s exemplary skill in dissecting each move to the 100th of a second (no lie), I improved dramatically over the 2 days of this course.
The class is very focused on just the Draw, Presentation, Fire and Reload.  There was not much else to distract from these few fundamental actions which paid dividends in regards to my own personal improvement in marksmanship and efficiency. The instruction is concise and on the mark. The video technology is graphic and undeniable.
 The class consisted of people from many walks of life, not just LEO or Competition shooters.
 John is a very humble and humorous gentleman with a confidence that is easy and comfortable.  His pedigree is to be truly respected and I thank him for serving our country and helping to protect our way of life here in the states.
The viewing of the videos is done as a group with instruction one on one. I feel it would have benefitted myself to be able to go back to the firing line after my one on one and work on some of the specifics immediately with live fire.
John may have allowed this but not knowing the format of the class before hand I did not think to ask if it was allowed.
Day 2 held many more drills and many more rounds down range.
 I look forward to his return again to So Cal and maybe hook up a carbine course next time also.


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