Athens, GA 2-Day Vehicle Tactics Course

I’m not a high speed guy but I know what I saw. This class was not unsafe but it was different. 
SOB always teaches from a “big boy” standpoint. You have to be careful on your own. Just like in the street you are responsible for every round. After 17 years doing carstops, Narcotics apprehensions, high risk warrant service and a whole lot of other crap either you get used to being around firearms or you don’t. There was nothing that exceeded my safety level- but that’s a subjective standard. Some people are more afraid than others.
The guy who got hurt, hurt himself. Shit happens. Did you know that every time you pull a trigger someone could get hurt? Including yourself? Well now you do.
John immediately stoped training to render aid but did it a way that likely preserved that students dignity. And during the hot wash JOHN personally took responsibility for it. Both big issues in my book. Maybe others would have preferred a  9 line with air ambulance just to make a stink. It was really just a scratch.  
And I’m sure that the other instructors have acted similarly in similar scenarios, or they have not been tested, are dishonest or both.
If you don’t like all this  then the class isn’t for you. 
John made it clear that there was a framework and guidelines in place(even if we could not see them) and he quoted the army regulations by number. He was in control the whole time referencing a written lesson plan. Maybe you think it’s not professional to make sure you are saying everything you want and need to. I don’t. I call that knowing what to say and when to say it.
Maybe if people were more stuck on learning and less on videoing they would have seen this. But I think it’s more the case of someone shilling for a different friend and a different discount.  
If anything this demotivated me to spend my time and money with the other instructors and at that facility. Watkinsville, Athens and Georgia were nice to visit and I wish I had more time to visit.
These are my own personal comments and do not reflect the views and policies of any government agency. I have not been paid nor am I receiving any compensation of any kind. 
And I’m not willing to engage in meme wars or insults; this is all my public comment on the matter. 
Al marvelli


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