Bastrop, TX Half-Day Pistol Course

Half-Day Pistol Course: October 30, 2015

The half-day couples pistol course far exceeded my expectations. My husband has tried time and time again to show me proper stance and grip, and I always thought, if I can hit the target, what does it matter? But after watching myself shoot on video and listening to John’s suggestions on how to fix my mistakes, my entire perspective has changed. I now realize how important grip and stance is to my overall success behind a pistol and that my husband may have been right after all…tough pill to swallow! I witnessed several ladies that had not shot a pistol in months or even years before taking this course and in only 4 shots, showed such vast improvement that their confidence was bolstered more than ever. John provided thoughtful and well-formed critiques to each person on their technique, while also complimenting what they were doing right, which could only come with years of experience and attention to detail. The date night ended with barbeque and great conversation (and night vision goggles!)-what a great way to end such a fun and worthwhile experience. I would recommend this class to any couple seeking a different kind of date night and anyone who wants to gain confidence and improvement in shooting and manipulating firearms. 



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