2-Day MIL/LE Vehicles Tactics Course: May 13-14, 2020 at Walnutport, PA


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Full Price: $850

Booking Deposit: $425

(50% non-refundable deposit due at booking. All remaining balances are invoiced one week prior to the course. Please direct all questions to booking@sobtactical.com)

Course Date: May 13-14, 2020

Start Time: 0900

Location: Walnutport, PA

                     Open to Military and Law Enforcement ONLY


2-Day Vehicles Tactics Course

The Vehicle course consists of a modern sports coaching model, neuroscience, advanced video analysis technology and vehicle based ballistic science. Officers/operators will rapidly learn the why and how to increase their lethality and survivability at the same time learning Mastery of their environment.
This course starts off with a video diagnostics of each shooter to ensure that he may be able to safely and effectively, engage targets while being mobile at the same time. As the course gets more advanced the fundamentals of shooting become more necessary.
Next we start dispelling any vehicle ballistic based myths. It’s more of a science class. To increase knowledge of how and where to be near vehicles in extreme situations. We like to call this Shooting At vehicles.
We will then progress to working from inside the vehicle and the options for increased lethality and survivability. This is the Shooting From vehicles.
Once these two skills (shooting from and shooting at vehicles) are mastered we will begin to shoot on the move applying the fundamentals with situational awareness.
We will then conduct drills until this knowledge and become skill sets become second nature.

Required Gear:

Pistol (w/Holster)

Carbine (w/Sling)

X400 RDS Ammunition per weapon

Ballistic Eye Protection Hearing Protection

4 magazines minimum, per weapon

A way to carry 2 mags on your body or belt

Kneepads – optional

Weapon lube/ spare parts



Sack Lunch