P365 Condom




  • P365
  • Comfortable
  • No Sharp edges towards body
  • Spring Steel Clip
  • Anti Slip Tab
  • Molded Front Sight Channels
  • Leather Covered Slide and Rear Sight
  • 100% Genuine Hand Made Leather

The Condom Holster TM is hand made from the best leather. The leather design is minimalist and at the same time very comfortable. The Condom Holster takes out all the sharp edges towards body, very important when stuffing firearms in your pants. This is very versatile and can be worn Inside the Waist Band IWB or clipped in a 5.56 or .308 MOLLE mag pouch. I did this for years, take out 2 mags on my kit, substitute g19 in Condom Holster. The clip is a great design as it will move with the body as to feel natural as your wearing it. It also easily adjusts and stays put once adjusted. I started wearing this Condom style holster in the mid 90s. It became a staple of what I wore in combat. From the highest peeks of Stan to the streets of Baghdad, now yours! My favorite too. Enjoy. SOB

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