Athens, GA: 2-Day Vehicle Tactics Course

SOB Tactical 2 Day Vehicle Tactics Course After Actions Review      I am a Detective assigned to a Narcotics Task Force in NC. We do quite a bit of work around and in vehicles, so I had been trying to find a vehicle tactics class with a reputable instructor. I am a hard sell for most instructors, as I am … Read More

Athens, GA Pistol Course

So I guess I should preface this after action report by saying I am an average dude. I am not a LEO or Military. I have taken two other handgun training courses and completed a basic law enforcement Academy. That is the extent of my “formal” training. Before signing up for Mr. McPhee’s handgun course, I sent in a Gunfighter … Read More

Athens, GA Pistol Course June 20, 2016

A huge thank you to Sparrow Defense for hosting this course and writing this review!   Course Review: Sheriff of Baghdad Revisited After having a great experience with John “Shrek” McPhee (The Sheriff of Baghdad) in December, I decided to host him at the Watkinsville location. I wrote a lengthy AAR after my first training classes with John in Americus, … Read More

Athen’s, GA 1-Day Pistol, 1-Day Carbine June 18-19, 2016

So, I have personally been shooting since around the age of 5. I hit a plateau around 10 years ago that I just could not pass. I was accurate, but I was not fast and accurate. I was accurate, but could not move and be accurate. I began to take courses from all the industry celebrities and at the time … Read More